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invisibletrick's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2003-08-11 23:36
Subject:Hiatus on my life...

Hey everyone. Sorry it's been so long. I'd like to say we've been busy, but unfortunately, we haven't really been all that busy. Sorry if you've been experiencing any withdrawal- we know that some of you read this religiously and that many of you have been threatening us with Jimmy Buffet tickets if we don't get to writing again. So enough; let the hostages go, here's a journal entry.
We just got back from Barrie, Ontario after doing a 2 day session in studio there. Got 3 tracks done, and we're just awaiting a mix of them. They sound great, for sure. We met some crazy people; it was scary. We got treated to a barbecue, some drinks and some great hospitality while we were there. Thanks to Liam for his patience (despite my whiny rockstar perfectionist side) in the mixing booth. It was fun, and everyone we met was just the bee's knees, y'all. The cat's meow, if you know what I mean.
On the way home, somewhere between Toronto and Kingston, we ran out of gasoline... that was an adventure. Tyler almost got bit by a werewolf, but he hit him over the head with a beer bottle that he found on the side of the highway. Julian kind of just quivered. I sat with Katie, a girl we were driving to Barrie and back, and played guitar. She tried to kill me too, but I played some hootie and the blowfish, and it all turned out okay. The delorian was refueled, and though we failed to fix the flux capaciter, we should be able to find the necessary parts here in Kingston.
I also noticed that the pope has a problem with Canada's new allowance of same sex marriages. If only Sinead O'Connor were still around to rip up pictures.
Seriously though, the catholic church has no right to define what is "absolute morality." How can there be any absolutes in faith?
I'd like to think that we live in a world where intolerance is not bred in the bone, so to speak. Thank you 13 Engines. Anyways, the pope says that our dear PM is going to hell for this work... an interesting idea- what about jewish gay people? Are they going to hell? Hindus? Buddhists? Or are they going to hell already, for being pagans and heathens? As a religious leader, perhaps the most well known religious leader in the world, Ol' John Paul should excercise some responsibility. Breeding intolerance and hatred is better reserved for groups like the KKK and Fox. Anyways... tired still from the weekend. Time for bed. Thanks everyone in barrie, and thank YOU if you're still here.


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Date:2003-07-17 23:11

hi, just got back from visiting parents. i ended up in las vegas for the last few days. don't go there in june july and august. the heat is crazy. it's even worse when it's windy. crazy desert. thank god i had enough money to buy some water. otherwise i'd be dead by now. DEAD! WAAHAHAH!


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Date:2003-07-01 13:43
Subject:Happy Canada Day, Everyone.

Hey... It's Canada's 136th birthday today. Happy Birthday Canada.
And thanks to Adrian Clarkson for giving props to the avid "mushroom collectors" in B.C. Pure gold.


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Date:2003-06-28 03:22

saw this amazing techno/trance massiave attack sounding group tonight. they're called BLEEP you can check them out at bleeptunes.com Great tunes with awesome drum tracks. Amazing vocals.... she's half Irish, the awesome classy accent and amazing voice. Anyway, they'll be back in Kingston. Check them out next time they're around your town!


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Date:2003-06-26 03:08

hey... insomnia strikes again...
went to the library today and updated my card... haven't set foot in a library-pronounced lie-berry-for pleasure in a long time. maybe thats why it took so long. the last three years i've associated libraries with essays that were due the next day... more my fault than anything else, i suppose. in any case, i forgot what it was like to be in one... given that you can just leave with whatever you want, and for free, it's like treasure hunting. especially since you're limited to whar you can carry. you're forced to take what interests you, and what you can read in the designated time... i'm a reading nut... i just haven't excercised that part of me as much as i should. i used to read constantly, anything that interested me at all... i love the imagination in general. anyways, last summer i read lord of the rings, cuz i wanted to read it before seeing any of the movies, and i read catch-22 over christmas. that's all.
today i walked away from the library with
john irving's 'a widow for one year' - halfway through this already.
tom robbins' 'skinny legs and all'
kurt vonnegut's 'timequake'
and a collection of hp lovecraft's short stories.

not to sound like a book worm... of course, i am, and i don't deny it. but really, i find it amazing that so many people watch television instead of reading. you can't tell me you'd seriously rather watch survivor or american idol instead of doing something constructive, involving imagination... our society's current passivity in our entertainment habits are alarming, at best... i'm preaching now... shit... well, i mean it though. it does amaze me that the printed word has lasted so long, on a less preachy subtext. by comparison, the formats of our new fangled 'no intellect required' devices tend to come and go in a matter of years... people used to think that 8-tracks were the ultimate recording devices... then it was cd's... and now people are saying that these new dvd's are going to be the shit... of course never realizing that they're easy to scratch, and make renting from even blockbuster a gamble.

and here i thought i was going to contain my opinions to the refound glory of reading and exploring a library... well, it happens... get me on my soapbox, and i'm too afraid of heights to come down... or maybe that should read that i'm too self indulgent to know when to stop. enough... i'll shut up now.
hope you all are sleeping well,


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Date:2003-06-25 02:46
Subject:slow times

well, about 5 days off for the trick, since tyler took a little break to relax at a friend's cottage-the lucky bastid- and things have been slow for me too. i'm feeling like i've been pounding my head every which way but through on this new song. just can't get it to be what it has the potential to be... maybe a day with the band will help... or maybe i just need to sit down with my fuckin' guitar for a little while... either way... i'm getting those anxiety pains again... had a rough weekend, to say the least, but things are looking up...
full time hours start next week... and to say that i need the money is a gross understatement. thus far, i've been having enough trouble keeping bills paid, let alone buying some fucking groceries, and that's not even accounting for the twice a month i feel the need to blow some money and do some partying.

sorry about the rough nature of this one... i'm seriously losing my mind, i think sometimes. sometimes i wish i'd done what my parents wanted me to do and gone to med school. and i miss my girlfriend... she's far away... far far away... well, not that far away, but far enough to make it a monetary investment of it's own in order to see her... yea for 100 dollar train tickets...

anyways... i'm sure all this will pass... to be honest it's the first time i've felt this way in a couple of months, and that is a good thing for me... it used to be 3 days on 3 days off and the 7th i just slept... sort of like in the bible, only without the confidence or sense of empowerment.

anyways... i hope i'll be seeing all of you soon. there's hope when we're together...


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Date:2003-06-17 02:08
Subject:backyard, bear, candles

Well, feels like we had a little break from the usual everyday rehearsals. Hopefully tomorrow night we'll be back at it. I just got back from chillin' with few peeps at work. It was fun just hanging out. Anyway, I've been learning more about this groovebox thing I have. Been doing some recordings with it for fun. Gonna show it to the rest of the band soon.


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Date:2003-06-16 07:54
Subject:Hello from Joe

Well I have been missing in action.
My boss dropped the hammer on me just over a week ago stating that he wasn't impressed. Partially because I have no lab data for him. So basically 12 hour days have been my life. Lonely in a lab.

Stop your crying Joe.

Need to catch up with the boys and see whats up.
Need to finish off a few pieces that I have been working on and bring it to the group.


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Date:2003-06-13 20:42

everyone go out and buy radiohead's new album.
extra tasty.

oh, and tyler screams like a girl when he's agitated.


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Date:2003-06-13 20:27
Mood: frustrated

hey guys...
still without a working shift button, so please excuse once again the postmodern feel to this journal entry; a feel generated only, i hope, by the lack of capitalization and punctuation requiring a shift key's gentle utilization.

anyways, yeah, so i failed at quitting smoking... i know, i sounded so resolute and determined. i thought i was too. i was sure, until a relatively stressful period at work hit and i just needed to buy a pack.
it's hard, ya know -note lack of question mark-
anyways... it makes me sad to think that i'm that much of a slave to something that i absolutely have to spend money that i don't have on it... 40 bucks gone on it this week alone.
that'd be fine, but i'm no longer working for tips, and i've only got two shifts a week, bringing me to a grand total of 192 dollars every pay check.
other work has been hard to find, or maybe it's that i'm so sucked in by my current employers promises of fulltime once the current fulltimer leaves for england... a trip that i have no concept of when will happen. maybe she should stop telling me that she's going to fire that person, as well.
in any case...
smoking tobacco is bad and makes you feel useless when you fail at quitting, so never start.
i just want to shout out to my brother chris in b.c. i miss him terribly, and he's having a rough time, so if anyone out there reading this wants to direct some positive energy towards him, that'd be appreciated.
also if anyone is in inverary for canada day, check out simplicity. they're two girl folk band with a heavy blind melon influence, and they've got great voices. also, my brother andy's band is opening for them, and they're pretty good too, if they're not a little old. just kidding andy, rock on you crazy emerald.

hope you guys are all doing well;

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Date:2003-06-09 21:38
Subject:Very Weird

Well, this is definitely something I've never done before, that is contributing to a communal daily journal, but apparently there are fans waiting to hear from yours truly. (that's a joke). I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hear from any of us geeks. Well for those of you who don't know, I'm the newest edition to the invisible trick, and I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Never have I been in a band that posesses organization skills and this level of motivation. We really get things done.

Musically, I am really impressed with all of these guys, they all contribute a certain slant of their own talent, and I hope I'm holding my end of the bargain behind that pathetic drum kit, (it's actually not too bad, except for the lonely broken cymbal). But, drums not being my first instrument, I'm getting lots of practice, which is a good thing.

My musical tastes vary very widely (anyone catch that?). I like everything from Christina Aguilera (not too bright, but what a voice) to Pantera. Mr. Bungle, Deftones, Incubus, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Ween, Faith No More etc. Really, I like anything that is genuinely good.

Anyways, you may hear from me at a later date, but don't expect too much, my life is much too boring for me to write frequently. So there you go, "fans".


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Date:2003-06-05 14:51

hello from matt
normally i'd enjoy the time i spend by myself with nothing to do, but damn if it ain't raining today in the k-hole. no biking adventures for me today.
sometimes, i think it would be helpful to have a playstation or something so i didn't have to subject myself to mindnumbing television. i suppose i could read, but i've read everything i've got right now, and don't want to venture out to the library at this point.
on the other hand, i just watched Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson. good flick, for sure.
here's why i can relate...
it's about a classically trained pianist, from a family of classically trained pianists, who became disenchanted with the classical philosophy of music, and his family who all bought into it.
so, my family isn't classically trained, but as a guy who started out in the bachelor of music program at queen's, i can totally relate. his family was dead on exactly what you encounter in classical music; you tend to meet a lot of people who are snobby and elitist, or brooding and somewhat delerious sociopathic geniuses, or friendly but clumsy and overpolite poseurs. i was jack, except without the violent emotional problems... though subjected to growing up in such a family, i would have turned out the same, i'm sure.
aside from that, whether you can put your own face on the characters involved, the movie is beautiful, and heartbreaking. it's funny too, because it was recommended to me by my brother andy, and he described it as hilarious... though there are some brilliant lines... please forgive the fact that this quotation isn't word for word.
JACK- i'll have a plain omelet, with tomatoes instead of potatoes, and a side order of toast.
WAITRESS- we don't allow substitutions, you can have the number 2 which comes with cottage fries
JACK- I know what it comes with, and i want a plain omelet with tomatoes instead of potatoes and a side order of toast.
WAITRESS, IRRITATED- we don't sell side orders of toast.
JACK- well, here's what then. you sell a chicken salad sandwich on toasted bread. i'll have a plain omelet and a chicken salad sandwich, only hold the lettuce, mayonaise, and put the tomatoes on the plate with the omelet. then hold the chicken too, and just give me the toasted bread, and charge me for the omelet and the chicken sandwich.
WAITRESS- what do you want me to do with the chicken,then...
JACK- i want you to hold it between your knees...

go rent it. 1970's jack nicholson is the shit, yo. allright... enough ghetto language... gonna go do my workout routine.


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Date:2003-06-04 16:41
Mood: indescribable

hey everyone,
it's matty.
first thing, let me apologize for my apparent distaste for capitalization, question marks, and anything else that requires a shift button, because mine is totally wonky and has decided not to work anymore.

that out of the way, i had the weirdest thing happen to me last night. let's just say some questions about my future came up. well, in response to what ended up being an epiphany regarding where all my money was going, things have changed. let me explain...

for the past year or so i have been smoking somewhere between a half pack and a pack of cigarettes a day. if i'd go so long as 3 hours without one, i would go insane. you can ask juls about that... he knows what i'm talking about. the realization hit me last night that i was spending around 7 dollars plus a day on a pack of cigarettes. that means 50 dollars a week. that means 200 dollars a month. and i swear to god, i felt a little twitch as i realized the source of all my money problems...

maybe it's that i've been working out a lot lately... the last week and a half i have taken to doing 50 push ups a day, and 100 situps a day also, and recently i've added a one hour bike ride to my daily routine. well... today, all of a sudden, i've only smoked two cigarettes. and neither of them were really necessary, more force of habit. it's as if over night i lost my addiction to cigarettes... i may be jinxing it by talking about it... but that's the thing... i don't feel like it has anything to do with luck. it's just gone. there's a sort of shouldn't i be smoking a cigarette mentality that i've sort of had today, but no real desire... no burning eyes, no swimminess... it's absolutely clear, and i've only had two cigarettes to this time...

but so i think i have an explanation for all this. maybe all addictions, physical and psychological, can be traced to a need for a crutch. for the longest time i felt shitty about myself for various reasons... i've even vented some of those reasons in this venue. i smoked when i was down. i used to drink when i was down too. in fact, there are a lot of things i used to do when i was down. well, now for the first time in years i feel normal... but really it feels like it just happened overnight. probably not though... but who knows.

my point is that all addictions are psychological. you need to find that will power. something clicks one day when you realize that your behaviour is self destructive. but you need to feel good about yourself first. you need to be able to feel good without that crutch, whatever it is. and then you have to keep yourself happy. the band has been playing together a lot lately, and that tends to make me happy. maybe that's part of it too.

anyways, i just wanted to share this experience with you guys... it's pretty cheesy, and i'm sorry for that, but hey... at least i'm being candid.


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Date:2003-06-03 14:12

Work has me tired. I am waiting for a connection piece for the air compressor so I can apply load to footings.

The boys practiced yesterday. From the sounds of it all went well.
We are practicing again tonight @ 7pm. Then beer and wings......chill out afterwards. I have to work so it won't be a late night.

The website is up.....we have kinks to iron out but for the most part its a nice start.

Plan for tonight -

Henry Miller
Cigarette Science
Carbon=Carbon Bonds
My Alaskan Lover


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Date:2003-05-29 10:09
Subject:Jig-saw jazz and the...
Mood: sleepy

Bonjour. Sorry haven't posted in a while. I'm not much of a talker/writer. Anyway, been dish washing for Copper Penny. Great food, nice people, ain't too bad of a gig. Also, been figuring out how to fly this groovebox machine I bargained off a friend. So preprare to hear some DJ Poof musique!


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Date:2003-05-28 15:54

We set the webcam up. All is well. Today we plugged away at 'Henry Miller', 'Cigarette Science' and 'Carbon=Carbon Bonds' (Previously titled 'Acid Rockish')

Begin The Begin
title or description

Shake the cobwebs from your drummers head
title or description

Peanut Butter and Matt Hills Jam
title or description

Jules laying down the groove
title or description

Tyler laying down groove to back Jules up
title or description

Matt leaves for Wolfe Island tommorow. We will see him again 7pm Sunday, practice #4 with Ty-guy. See what we can do with Carbon=Carbon and peck away at Henry Miller, Cigarette, and begin polishing Alaskan


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Date:2003-05-28 10:21
Subject:Rolling Water Down the Back of Henry Miller

Finished yesterdays practice with 3 plays of 'Rolling Water/Down the Back of Henry Miller' with each time becomming smoother.

Practice @ 1pm today. Have webcam and laptop. See if we can get some shots.

Songs to go over today -

-Henry Miller
-Cigarette Science
-Untitled-Acid Rockish

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Date:2003-05-27 19:13
Subject:Practice makes perfect

Well we have been at it the last 2 hours. Calling it a night @ 8pm tonight.
I am upstairs while Matt and Jules plug away at 'Mozart'. Its prog-rockie for sure.
We pecked away at this acidrock tune that Matt came up with. Its got a fat groove with Jules and Tyler holding the groove while Matt takes people on an acid trip with layered effects. I am excited to work more on it.

So far...in my presence

'Untitled-Acid Groove'
'Lean on Me' hahaha it was jokes
'Cigarette Science'

Just probably hammer out a few more jams.
I think for tommorow I will have a webcam take pics and upload them on real time. See if we can get that up and going.

I suppose I should fish around for some people to add to our friends list. Tell a friend if you would like.


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Date:2003-05-27 14:42
Subject:New Songs
Mood: mellow

Hey everyone... I'm back from my shore leave assignment and ready to go. Thanks to the boys for understanding my need for a short notice absence.
The Halloween funeral idea I had envisioned is starting to shape itself in sound... For the most part, I try to do as little as my creativity on an electric guitar, or with pedals plugged in even, so as for the tones I envision, well, they're all built into the actually playing of the piece. When I add effects, I do so to add colour. Sometimes I prefer black and white. This may need a little explaining...

A little about me{Skip this if you don't want a lengthy discussion on how I hear music}: I was born deaf in one ear. To compensate for this(while listening to music on a walkman, for instance), I would try to envision how the right side(my deaf side) would sound, and sort of project that into the experience of the song... That way, I would be able to sort of hear stereo, when I could not actually. The easiest way to do this, for me, was to see the music in colour. When I say colour, I mean that anytime I hear music, the tones take on different colours for me. I do not actually see these colours, but I imagine them, to the point that I can "see them." They tend to go in different directions, and loop and stuff. The effect is sort of the ability to hear every note, from every instrument at once, and see it all as colour. Sometimes the parts take shapes on as well, but usually related to the instrument itself. So there... my ability to write songs forms around this as well. I start with the basic stuff on an accoustic. I usually have all of the major fills and riffs, maybe missing an ending or a couple of notes, within about 20 minutes. That's if I'm in the right moment... so I've tended to just ignore any other inspirations. If it's not there and almost flowing in 20 minutes, it's gone. I see this sort of skeleton as a bronzey sort of river. When I bring it into the band, I first try and get a good clean tone for it. Then we play through it. If any effect use at all springs to mind, I try it out. By the end, I see the result as a river, but with different landscapes. I say river, but I really just mean a visible flowing substance. Sometimes it's not water, sometimes it's a vapour... This all sounds a little crazy. But that's the way my songs write themselves.

Anyways, on to the Halloween Funeral idea. So I have this little string of ideas looking for a connection, but what ties them together is that they tend to modulate from major to minor (or vice-versa) mid-phrase. That is, before the riff is completed they've changed key at least once, to the corresponding minor or major key. The key to all of these riffs is that they need to sound like they haven't changed at all. They sound like they stay in minor tones, but really do modulate. So far the riffs are all clean tones; as I said, I only write on acoustic guitar.
The result is a general eerieness/offness that you can't pin down, because it's not dissonant, and it doesn't sound like it's just jumped anywhere. That's the goal.
It's almost ready for the guys to hear, but not yet.

Thanks for all the patience on this one...


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Date:2003-05-27 13:12

Things are on the up and up. Going to look into the possiblity of setting up a web cam for upcoming practices.

Today I believe we are going to try new material out and take it from there.


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