invisibletrick (invisibletrick) wrote,

Practice makes perfect

Well we have been at it the last 2 hours. Calling it a night @ 8pm tonight.
I am upstairs while Matt and Jules plug away at 'Mozart'. Its prog-rockie for sure.
We pecked away at this acidrock tune that Matt came up with. Its got a fat groove with Jules and Tyler holding the groove while Matt takes people on an acid trip with layered effects. I am excited to work more on it.

So my presence

'Untitled-Acid Groove'
'Lean on Me' hahaha it was jokes
'Cigarette Science'

Just probably hammer out a few more jams.
I think for tommorow I will have a webcam take pics and upload them on real time. See if we can get that up and going.

I suppose I should fish around for some people to add to our friends list. Tell a friend if you would like.

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