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New Songs

Hey everyone... I'm back from my shore leave assignment and ready to go. Thanks to the boys for understanding my need for a short notice absence.
The Halloween funeral idea I had envisioned is starting to shape itself in sound... For the most part, I try to do as little as my creativity on an electric guitar, or with pedals plugged in even, so as for the tones I envision, well, they're all built into the actually playing of the piece. When I add effects, I do so to add colour. Sometimes I prefer black and white. This may need a little explaining...

A little about me{Skip this if you don't want a lengthy discussion on how I hear music}: I was born deaf in one ear. To compensate for this(while listening to music on a walkman, for instance), I would try to envision how the right side(my deaf side) would sound, and sort of project that into the experience of the song... That way, I would be able to sort of hear stereo, when I could not actually. The easiest way to do this, for me, was to see the music in colour. When I say colour, I mean that anytime I hear music, the tones take on different colours for me. I do not actually see these colours, but I imagine them, to the point that I can "see them." They tend to go in different directions, and loop and stuff. The effect is sort of the ability to hear every note, from every instrument at once, and see it all as colour. Sometimes the parts take shapes on as well, but usually related to the instrument itself. So there... my ability to write songs forms around this as well. I start with the basic stuff on an accoustic. I usually have all of the major fills and riffs, maybe missing an ending or a couple of notes, within about 20 minutes. That's if I'm in the right moment... so I've tended to just ignore any other inspirations. If it's not there and almost flowing in 20 minutes, it's gone. I see this sort of skeleton as a bronzey sort of river. When I bring it into the band, I first try and get a good clean tone for it. Then we play through it. If any effect use at all springs to mind, I try it out. By the end, I see the result as a river, but with different landscapes. I say river, but I really just mean a visible flowing substance. Sometimes it's not water, sometimes it's a vapour... This all sounds a little crazy. But that's the way my songs write themselves.

Anyways, on to the Halloween Funeral idea. So I have this little string of ideas looking for a connection, but what ties them together is that they tend to modulate from major to minor (or vice-versa) mid-phrase. That is, before the riff is completed they've changed key at least once, to the corresponding minor or major key. The key to all of these riffs is that they need to sound like they haven't changed at all. They sound like they stay in minor tones, but really do modulate. So far the riffs are all clean tones; as I said, I only write on acoustic guitar.
The result is a general eerieness/offness that you can't pin down, because it's not dissonant, and it doesn't sound like it's just jumped anywhere. That's the goal.
It's almost ready for the guys to hear, but not yet.

Thanks for all the patience on this one...

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