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hello from matt
normally i'd enjoy the time i spend by myself with nothing to do, but damn if it ain't raining today in the k-hole. no biking adventures for me today.
sometimes, i think it would be helpful to have a playstation or something so i didn't have to subject myself to mindnumbing television. i suppose i could read, but i've read everything i've got right now, and don't want to venture out to the library at this point.
on the other hand, i just watched Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson. good flick, for sure.
here's why i can relate...
it's about a classically trained pianist, from a family of classically trained pianists, who became disenchanted with the classical philosophy of music, and his family who all bought into it.
so, my family isn't classically trained, but as a guy who started out in the bachelor of music program at queen's, i can totally relate. his family was dead on exactly what you encounter in classical music; you tend to meet a lot of people who are snobby and elitist, or brooding and somewhat delerious sociopathic geniuses, or friendly but clumsy and overpolite poseurs. i was jack, except without the violent emotional problems... though subjected to growing up in such a family, i would have turned out the same, i'm sure.
aside from that, whether you can put your own face on the characters involved, the movie is beautiful, and heartbreaking. it's funny too, because it was recommended to me by my brother andy, and he described it as hilarious... though there are some brilliant lines... please forgive the fact that this quotation isn't word for word.
JACK- i'll have a plain omelet, with tomatoes instead of potatoes, and a side order of toast.
WAITRESS- we don't allow substitutions, you can have the number 2 which comes with cottage fries
JACK- I know what it comes with, and i want a plain omelet with tomatoes instead of potatoes and a side order of toast.
WAITRESS, IRRITATED- we don't sell side orders of toast.
JACK- well, here's what then. you sell a chicken salad sandwich on toasted bread. i'll have a plain omelet and a chicken salad sandwich, only hold the lettuce, mayonaise, and put the tomatoes on the plate with the omelet. then hold the chicken too, and just give me the toasted bread, and charge me for the omelet and the chicken sandwich.
WAITRESS- what do you want me to do with the chicken,then...
JACK- i want you to hold it between your knees...

go rent it. 1970's jack nicholson is the shit, yo. allright... enough ghetto language... gonna go do my workout routine.

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