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hey guys...
still without a working shift button, so please excuse once again the postmodern feel to this journal entry; a feel generated only, i hope, by the lack of capitalization and punctuation requiring a shift key's gentle utilization.

anyways, yeah, so i failed at quitting smoking... i know, i sounded so resolute and determined. i thought i was too. i was sure, until a relatively stressful period at work hit and i just needed to buy a pack.
it's hard, ya know -note lack of question mark-
anyways... it makes me sad to think that i'm that much of a slave to something that i absolutely have to spend money that i don't have on it... 40 bucks gone on it this week alone.
that'd be fine, but i'm no longer working for tips, and i've only got two shifts a week, bringing me to a grand total of 192 dollars every pay check.
other work has been hard to find, or maybe it's that i'm so sucked in by my current employers promises of fulltime once the current fulltimer leaves for england... a trip that i have no concept of when will happen. maybe she should stop telling me that she's going to fire that person, as well.
in any case...
smoking tobacco is bad and makes you feel useless when you fail at quitting, so never start.
i just want to shout out to my brother chris in b.c. i miss him terribly, and he's having a rough time, so if anyone out there reading this wants to direct some positive energy towards him, that'd be appreciated.
also if anyone is in inverary for canada day, check out simplicity. they're two girl folk band with a heavy blind melon influence, and they've got great voices. also, my brother andy's band is opening for them, and they're pretty good too, if they're not a little old. just kidding andy, rock on you crazy emerald.

hope you guys are all doing well;
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